Risks, Cybersecurity and Compliance

A modernized services approach to cyber risk and resilience

Cloud Computing and Digital transformation Experts
Governance, risk & compliance
An agile approach to achieve business objectives by implementing the best market practices: risk strategy, Security by design, GRC, resilience, third-party management, risk acculturation
Cyber Technologies
Une maitrise des technologies de cybersécurité et développement des solutions de confiance (gestion des identités, sécurité des applications, DevSecOps, sécurité périmétrique, sécurité de l’environnement de travail et la sécurité des infrastructures)
Data Privacy / Data Protection
The operational implementation of end-to-end information protection, in particular personal data, via innovative processes and tools to increase efficiency
SOC as a Service
* Detect the threats pro-actively and reactively
* Analyze the state of the threat to adapt the client systems to the reality of the threat
* Detect incidents through innovative and automated methods, focusing on business risks
* Limit the impact of a cybersecurity incident or crisis through the organization and setup of an expert center and teams, technical investigation, and the implementation of remediation and monitoring.

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